If you have a question, hopefully it will be answered below under our Frequently Asked Questions.  If not please contact us via the 'Contact Us' page and we will answer your question as soon as possible.


Can I send deliveries to more than one address using just one payment from my credit / debit card?

Our answer >
Each order allows you to have 1 billing address (the address your card is registerd to) and 1 different delivery address if needed. If you require more than 1 delivery address you will need to place separate orders.

Are all your products suitable for Vegetarians?

Our answer >
Yes, all our products are ‘Suitable for Vegetarians’

Are all your products suitable for Vegans?

Our answer >
There are some products which contain real butter in the ingredients such as Butter Mintoes, Bonfire Toffee etc. therefore these products will not be suitable for Vegans.  Please check the ingredients list shown with each product before ordering, however you will find we have a high percent of products which are suitable for Vegans.

Do your products contain gluten?

Our answer >
All the products we manufacture do not contain gluten..

Do you manufacture any ‘Sugar Free’ sweets?

Our answer >
Yes we have a small range of sugar free sweets and lollipops available. Please click here for to find our more

Do any of your products contain nuts?

Our answer >
We do not use or handle any nut products in our factory. 

What are the best conditions to keep your sweets in once they have been delivered?

Our answer >
All our products are carefully packed in an environment where we control the room temperature and humidity to optimum levels ensuring that our sweets and lollies are despatched from our factory in perfect condition.  Once the products arrive with you, please ensure they are kept in an airtight container, below 24C (not the fridge) and out of direct sunlight. 

Can I order confectionery products from your website and have the products delivered abroad?

Our answer >
Currently we are only able to deliver our products from this web-site to all areas within the UK; however we are hoping to add worldwide deliveries in the future, so please enquire into this service if interested.

Do you use ‘Natural’ colours and flavours?

Our answer >
We endeavour to use ‘Natural’ colours and flavours as much as possible within the manufacture of our products however we do use some ‘Artificial’ colours and flavours too.  Please check the ingredients declaration shown with each product.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time I can be a member of the ‘Sweet Club’?

Our answer >
There is no maximum amount of time you can belong to the ‘Sweet Club’ however in order to set you up with a ‘Sweet Club’ account, we require you to belong to the ‘Sweet Club’ for a minimum of three months.

I have a retail shop and would like to order from your web-site, is this possible?

Our answer >
Yes, our web-site has been designed to be easy to use for all different types of customers including the general public, retailers and corporate customers.  If you are a retailer and wish to order regularly from us, you will need to apply for a trade account.  Please fill in the form in the sign in section by clicking here, we will then send the relevent form for you to fill in.  You will then have access to our ‘Trade’ section where you can ‘log in’ using your password which will be provided by us.  You will be able to place your order and will also receive details of any special offers etc.

Can you print labels with my company logo on?

Our answer >
Yes, this is a new service available and offers you an ideal way to promote your company.  You will need to order your labels via our website and also provide us with a JPEG file of the logo or artwork you wish to add to our labels and leave the rest to us.  Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer factory tours?

Our answer >
Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer tours of our factory, however please enjoy reading our web-site which will provide you with lots of interesting information about our company.

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